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Posted By: Rick Fielding
05-Jan-00 - 04:13 AM
Thread Name: What Have You Learned From Mudcat in '99
Subject: What Have You Learned From Mudcat in '99
Happy 2000 folks.

It occurred to me that other than meeting nice people (some personally) this year, I learned quite a lot by being part of the Mudcat community this year. Not just about music and related matters, but about myself as well. Some of the things that come to mind are:

A great thread discussing different kinds of wood used in instrument building. Lots of very useful information.

Evaluations of many different types of guitars, banjos, mandolins etc. by the folks that PLAY them, rather than company hype.

Even though they could get VERY heated, the threads on Ireland's problems were riveting, because once again it was the PEOPLE giving their opinions and not politicians manipulating the media (and us). I think I now understand the absolute passion involved a lot better.

Coming to the amazing realization that I could barely sleep, wondering if a man I'd never met (Catspaw, of course) was going to make it.

Somewhat (just a bit) changing my opinion on gun ownership after reading hundreds of postings on the subject (once again, because it was ordinary people discussing the subject, as opposed to politicians or NRA mouthpieces with totally predetermined agendas)

Most recently, regaining an interest in the fiddle because of a 4 day visit from a Mudcatter (Jeri)

I know there's quite a few more, and if this hangs around for a bit I'll share them, but if anyone feels like mentioning a few things, I'll pass on the space.