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Posted By: Cap't Bob
05-Jan-00 - 10:06 AM
Thread Name: What Have You Learned From Mudcat in '99
Subject: RE: What Have You Learned From Mudcat in '99
I know there are probably thousands, if not tens of thousands, of you out there who think that Leon Redbone and Mose Scarlett are one in the same person. I have seen them both in person and up until this year believed the only difference was in the name. Rick Fielding solved this mystery for me with the following e-mail:

Hi Capt'n Bob

Well, let me tell you. You've stumbled onto one of music's little mysteries here, so let me fill you in. Both Mose and Leon are of indeterminate age. They both play is really good, and the other is so bad that I beat him on a regular basis. They both own small Martin and Gibson guitars. Their voices ARE remarkably similar. Oh hell,..I could go on with the game but I'll be straight with you. They ARE two (very) different people. Mose lives in Toronto, Leon in Vermont. They are good friends, and I highly reccommend Mose's new album "The fundamental Things" on Borealis. I'm not sure who the accompanist was, but I'll ask Mose. One thing for sure. They're both great!

See ya "cat"


MY NEW PROBLEM, or mystery for the year is ~~~?~~~ does Rick always tell the truth?????

Cap't Bob