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Posted By: Jim Dixon
16-Oct-05 - 01:58 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Rucki Zucki (Bavarian Oktoberfest song)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Rookie Zookie-Bavarian Oktoberfest Song
For a "popular" song, this one is awfully hard to track down. The song certainly exists. I found many references to it. People in several countries seem to be familiar with it. Trouble is, no one seems to know how to spell it.

All the references to it that I've found are in blogs or forums somewhat like this one. I've found unanswered requests, for example--The fact that I haven't found any reference to it at an "official" site of a band or music publisher makes me very doubtful that any of these spellings is correct.

Here are the spellings I tried and the results, in Google:

Rookie zookie - 25 hits (ignoring duplicates), but most of them are to a German porn discussion site where someone uses it as a handle.
Rouki zouki - 20 hits (mostly French)
Rouky zouky - 9 hits (all French)
Rooki zooki - 1 hit (German)
Rooky zooky - 1 hit (Dutch)
Roukyzouky - 1 hit (French)
Rookiezookie - 0 hits
Rookizooki - 0 hits
Rookyzooky - 0 hits
Roukie zoukie - 0 hits
Roukiezoukie - 0 hits
Roukizouki - 0 hits

The only site I can find that associates ROOKIE ZOOKIE (however you spell it) with a particular performer is this one about The Big Bear [California] Oktoberfest, where it says ROOKIE ZOOKIE is performed by The Express Band. However, the band's website doesn't list their repertoire.