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Posted By: Jeri
05-Jan-00 - 12:32 PM
Thread Name: What Have You Learned From Mudcat in '99
Subject: RE: What Have You Learned From Mudcat in '99
I have learned there are many wonderful people out there, and have greatly enjoyed making friends and meeting many of them.

I've learned songs and about songs. I've learned about a singer and writer of songs - Keith Marsden - who has become one of my favorites. I wish he were still around. I've learned about quite a few performers who are Mudcatters.

I've learned that people sometimes like the tunes I write. I've been introduced to an easier way to write them by a Mudcatter.

I've learned about different lyrics sites, music programs, festivals, ICQ and Hamsterdance.

I've learned that I could play a guitar if I wanted to, although I never believed it was possible - Rick's fault.

I've learned that anything a person says can and probably will be argued with, and that most people are honest, but kind. I've learned to ignore the ones who aren't. I've also learned there are sometimes reasons to not post, and just because I can say something doesn't mean I have to. (Trust me - this one has been the hardest.) I've learned that Mudcatters, like everyone else, have buttons that can be pushed - some people will push them on purpose, some by accident, and some just feel what they have to say is important enough to risk it. I've learned how easy it is to misunderstand the written word. I've learned how easy it is to turn someone I disagree with into an enemy (instead of just a good person with whom I happen to disagree.)

I've learned a lot about music, but I've learned far more about myself and people in general in the nine months I've been here. In the end, it has all helped with the music.