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Posted By: harpmolly
16-Oct-05 - 09:57 PM
Thread Name: Review: Kate Rusby, Girl Who Couldn't Fly
Subject: Review: Kate Rusby, Girl Who Couldn't Fly
I just got Kate Rusby's new album, and true to form, I was underwhelmed the first time I listened to it and then got more and more addicted to it as I listened to it a few more times.

Anyone else got it, and have any thoughts?

Overall I don't think it's as strong as most of her albums, but there are at least four songs that I think are truly excellent. "The Lark" is very much in her melancholy tradition, and the line "Is it wrong to wish you still need me?" gets me every time. "Wandering Soul" has an infectious chorus that's hard not to sing along to, and "Little Jack Frost" is just wonderful (IMHO of course). And her rendition of "Bonnie House of Airlie" is heartbreaking. As usual, the arrangements are interesting and have beautiful rhythms and combinations of instruments (she does love her brass boys!)

Most of the rest of the album I could take or leave, though nothing she's ever done has been unlistenable (to my ears). I know I'm going to start another "Kate Rusby is the devil incarnate/Can't we just give the girl a break?" discussion, inevitably, but I'm still interested in hearing other people's impressions of the new album.