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Posted By: Little Musgrave
18-Oct-05 - 05:50 PM
Thread Name: Review: BNP Record Label Great White Records
Subject: RE: Review: BNP Record Label Great White Records
You have clearly not been on the end of a beating for the colour of your skin (neither have I for that matter). If all the BNP did was to spout racism then they wouldn't be nearly as dangerous as they are. The problem is a tendancy to back up their beliefs with fists, boots & baseball bats. Anyone promoting the BNP, as 'Dave' has (look at his original posting-it is a direct relaying of a BNP press release) is by their nature condoning this violent racist behavoiur, and should be challenged. Freedom of speech for those who would deny it to others? A bit of a liberal dilemma. However, bullshit like 'great white records' needs to be challenged. Silence will not make them go away.