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Posted By: Little Musgrave
18-Oct-05 - 06:30 PM
Thread Name: Review: BNP Record Label Great White Records
Subject: RE: Review: BNP Record Label Great White Records
The stuff about Blair's thugs is all well and good, but something of a non sequiteur so far as I can see. Why do we always have to see things in terms of 'goodies' vs. 'baddies'? Sometimes they're all baddies. Smiler may not be part of the lynch mob, but he is in danger of giving the BNP's ideas legitimacy. By all means hold your own opinions and beliefs, but people are actually being attacked, injured, sworn at, and in the case of some, killed by people like the BNP. That is the difference. I believe Blair to be a war criminal for his actions around the world, but that is not what this thread is about. It's about the BNP releasing a record.