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19-Oct-05 - 05:45 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Remembrance Day songs
How about these?

Hills of Caithness
(Matt Armour)

In the year of fifteen, with the century young
And you but sixteen with your life just begun
You answered the call, as so many before
To march far away to a foreigners' war
Down the long road from Caithness, so young and so proud
Through the blue tinted hills with the lowering cloud
With the Holy black Bible your soul to protect
And a helmet and rifle to care for the rest.

And John can you think of the time that is gone
How we walked in the fields, the day's work done
The far peaks of Morven stood gold in the west
And peace breathed a sigh on the hills of Caithness.

For hundreds of years when the pipes gave the call
The Sinclairs have answered to fight or to fall
It's your turn now, John, the youngest by far
To carry a gun in the war to end war
Twelve terrible months in that black Flanders mud
The screaming of shells, the bullets and blood
Thousands were slaughtered, your suffering passed
In a cold autumn dawn, the green light of gas.


Now there's been sixty snows on those far northern hills
Your skin is as clear as that young soldiers still
But no conscious light can be seen in the eyes
Of a face that lives on with a mind that has died
Your memory is stuck in the mud of the Somme
Your body came home but your spirit stayed on
No more will you see the blue hills of Caithness
The rest gave their lives, did you, John, give less?


Now the bugles sound out on Rememberance day
To honour the fallen who lie far away
The lone pipe laments, the hearts fill with pride
They think of their heroes who marched out and died
But who thinks of you, John? You sit in your chair
Your body unscarred, your mind swept bare
In your own November are you seeing still
The green Flanders gas on the blue Caithness hills?


The Year of the Drum
(Wendy Joseph)

My name is Jack Gresham, I was brought up in Mannum
That river boat town I loved well
I married Meg Davis we had us two children
One day our family bliss turned to hell
'Twas in 1915 and the year of the drum
The guns and the government called me to come
Past melaleuca and tall shining gums
I'm drifting away down the Murray

My name is Meg Davis and I work at Shearers
With saddles and waggons and hames
The men are all fighting, the war it is raging
The women toil here making fuel for the flames
For it's 1916 and the men are all gone
They're fighting in Europe, so we carry on
We're keeping the candles lit bright here at home
To light their way back up the Murray

Now my name is Mary and I am an orphan
My father was killed in the war
My ma was Meg Davis, an upstanding lady
She drowned in the Murray the year I turned four
'Twas in 1918 that the telegram came
The death of a soldier its news did proclaim
My ma lost her footing to the tears and the rain
She slipped on the banks of the Murray

Now my name is Billy and I am a soldier
I just got my orders today
My wife's name is Mary, she's fair as the sunset
I hate to be leaving her lonely this way
But the year's forty two, and the year of the drum
The guns and the government call me to come
Past melaleuca and tall shining gums
I'm drifting away down the Murray

But the year doesn't matter, there's always the drum
The guns and the government call men to come
But the town still grows strong in her tall shining sons
While her daughters light lamps by the Murray