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Posted By: tradsteve
06-Jan-00 - 01:16 AM
Thread Name: Lyr/Chords Add: Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender
Subject: Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender
here is an arrangement of "Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender" I thought someone might have some use for. Feedback is appreciated, as always.

Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender (traditional)

Lord Thomas, Lord Thomas, take my advice
Go bring the brown girl home
C Am
For she has land and a house of her own,
Fair Ellender she has none.

He called it to his waiting maids
By one, by two, by three
Go bridle for me my milky white steed,
Fair Ellender I must see.

He rode and he rode until he came to her gate
So loudly he tingled the rein.
And none were so ready as Ellender herself
As she rose to let him in.

I've come to ask you to my wedding today
"Bad news Lord Thomas" says she
For I your bride I thought I would be
"Bad news Lord Thomas" says she.

She Call it to her father and her mother
To make them both as one.
"Shall I go to Lord Thomas's wedding,
Or tarry at home alone"

She dressed herself so fine in silk,
She dressed her maids in green;
And in every city that they rode through
They took her to be some queen.

She rode and she rode until she came to his gate
So loudly she tingled the ring.
And none was so ready as Lord Thomas himself
As he rose to let her in.

He took her by a lily -white hand
He led her through the hall.
He sat her at the head of his table
Amongst the quality all.

"Lord Thomas, Lord Thomas is this your bride?
I'm sure that she is very brown.
You could have married as fair a young lady
As ever the sun shone on."

The brown girl had a pen –knife in her hand
It keen and very sharp.
Between the long rib and the the short,
She pierced Fair Ellender's heart.

He took the brown girl by the hand,
He took her down the hall.
With his sword, he cut her head off
And kicked it against the wall.

He retrieved the pen-knife from the ground,
Placed the point against his breast.
Said, "Here's to the death of three true lovers
God send their souls to rest."

"I want my grave dug long and wide
Dig it very deep.
Bury Fair Ellender in my arms
The brown girl at my feet."