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Posted By: GUEST,red under the bed
23-Oct-05 - 10:27 AM
Thread Name: Review: BNP Record Label Great White Records
Subject: RE: Review: BNP Record Label Great White Records
"i campaigned with the uaf against bnp in west yorkshire a year or so back in heckmondwike and we put out 5000 anti-bnp leaflets exposing them. what happened? The BNP won."

well maybe..

..just maybe..

you did'nt campaign well enough...

it would certainly help if you did'nt appear to be such an enthusiatic
appologist and PR rep for hannam and his thug cronies..

just dont know who to trust these days..

..not even your closest allies..

appearances can be so intentionaly deceptive..

anyone can be a wolf in sheep's clothing..

.. or a sheep in wolf's clothing..

wearing a nice smart unobtrusive moleskin cloak !!??

it must be so sad being in such a paranoid untrusting environment
where you have to doubt the true allegience
and motives of virtually everyone at your party meetings
and events..

what do you reckon.. at least one in 10 BNP member
is an undercover journalist or 'RED' spy..

surely it must send your leaders right mental..