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Posted By: zelger
24-Oct-05 - 04:36 AM
Thread Name: Review: BNP Record Label Great White Records
Subject: RE: Review: BNP Record Label Great White Records
March of the moderate. you are being fooled. hannam wont allow himself to be ridiculed. note his last few posts and threads and you will see he is putting his poison forward and then stating it is his last post soon after.

you are not now getting the chance to ridicule him cos once again he outsmarted you and this is whats getting me so angry. you insist on keeping his threads at top and now he is not even posting to get at him. look at his nelson thread, no sooner had he posted but he announced that it was his last post.

30 posts ago on this thread he announced it was his last post but you want to ridicule him but hes not here.

hannams message is being allowed to flourish because of you. if you think that he has absolutely no support on here you are sadly wrong. i happen to know many here from his neck of the woods and he has more support than you think.

just let all this threads die. scaramouche can you agree to this either?