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Posted By: zelger
24-Oct-05 - 06:08 AM
Thread Name: Review: BNP Record Label Great White Records
Subject: RE: Review: BNP Record Label Great White Records
your post reads bad.

Also you dont know squat bout me and ive probably done more fighting the bnp than you ever could imagine. ask yourself who did your last post impress? hannam isnt responding and nearly all others agree with you you say so why keep hannams post at top? what is your agenda.

also why are you quoting me wrongly. mastery of mudcat manipulation show me where i said that.

how can i be a hannamite mole when im saying LET HIS THREADS DIE.

look im not talking to you anymore as you are making a fool of yourself and i dont trust why you insist on arguing that it is better to keep hannams threads going.

he must be laughing his socks off at you right now.