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Posted By: Rapparee
24-Oct-05 - 08:59 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Lukey was at Clancy Yancy's bar last night and figgered that he needed some way to "redishcover" himself. He went upstairs with Boom-Boom Betty and a quart of Real Old Monongehela Rye Wisky (the spelling is correct; the stuff is distilled in Corn Creek and hasn't ever been near Pennsylvania) -- the stuff they call "Frisky Wisky" around here. Lukey and Boom-Boom were flagranto delicto and pretty active when the floor gave way. They crashed through to the basement of Clancy's joint and the waterbed busted like a giant water balloon. Wiped out Clancy's setup for bringing beer up the bar, flooded the tortilla chips in storage, and managed to force more water into the floor drains than they could take, with th result that all the toilets fired a geyser at the ceiling. Took Sagebrush Sammy by surprise; he'd just set down for a "spell of readin' the pages from the Sears catalog." By the time the fire department got there with pumps and rescue equipment everyone was pretty soggy, Boom-Boom was beating Kiss drum solos on the right side Lukey's head with a piece of rebar, and Lukey's wife was pounding out Gene Krupa on the left side with a cast iron skillet, and they were both comparin' notes about Lukey's short comings. Clancy Yancy was talkin' to his lawyer and pointin' at Lukey, and the regulars were lookin' for tar and feathers.

Lukey had a beatific look on his face, and it wasn't brought about by the head hammering. We figgered that he'd either found hisself or that maybe he was still under the influence of the frisky wisky, one or the other.