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Posted By: LilyFestre
24-Oct-05 - 02:46 PM
Thread Name: MudCamp Dorm Open & Suggestion Box
Subject: RE: MudCamp Dorm Open & Suggestion Box
So are you planning to close it up NOW or are you going to advertise NOW for the hunters this year? I know that many seasons are now open and bow season has started (may have also ended...I have no idea)...and how does a non-hunting gal like myself know this kind of thing? Easy...the folks from NJ have arrived to stay in their seasonal "camp" up the road. Another tell tale sign? Men standing 15 feet from the road armed and wearing bright orange gear over their camophlage clothes.

Now, I understand the bright orange safety gear and think that's great...but why invest in the cammy stuff if you are going to wear safety they REALLy think the deer are going to wonder amongst themselves where the rest of the body of the guy in the bright orange went to?

And the business of standing not more than 20 yards from the road just kills me! People take off time, buy property, drive all the way here to HUNT and then don't go in the woods....C'MON!!!!!

Oh wait....serious thread drift...sorry about that!   ;) So um, yeah, are you planning on advertising the space for hunters this year?