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Posted By: Hawker
26-Oct-05 - 07:01 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Cadgwith Anthem
Subject: RE: History behind the Cadgwith Anthem
Just looked on Larkrise to Candleford album, not on there. (The Holmfirth Anthem - also known as Abroad For Pleasure is on the LP sung by Bill Caddick.)
Have found this song on "Cornish Folk Songs" Vol II by Sue White, "Pass Around The Grog" sung by Tommy Morrissey (Veteran) and on "21 Sopngs Of Cornwall" by Ian Marshall.
The story my husband who is a Cornishman has known since he was a teenager (many years ago!) was that a Cornish regiment which became the Duke Of Cornwall's Light Infantry (DCLI)was stationed on the NW Frontier of India. Some members of the regiment were falsely accused of pilfering. They were so indignant that the song was written in protest of their false accusation. It was also suspected that they utilised or modified a tune local to this region which has since been "Chapelised" (as all good Cornish tunes are) May be able to shed more light on this tomorrow! need to speak to another mine of useless information!!!!!!
It is not in Cornish and dialect Folk songs by Ralph Dunstan in 1932 - so it either slipped through the net then, was not popular then or was not written then!
will look into this more..... watch this space.
It is also not in Peter Kennedy's Folk Songs Of Britan and Ireland
It is in Mike O'Connors book "Songs The Cornish Love to sing - This song I'll sing to you" He attributes it to the singing of Tommy Morrisey who used to sing beautiful Kashmir rather than beauty of Kashmir.
Someone once told my old man that 'Beauty Of Kashmir' was a ship that ran aground on the 'Mannacles' just off St Keverne, and went down bows first known locally as 'by the head' don't believe this explaination to be true, but if it were it would certainly be documented somewhere!
Hope this adds to the confusion!
Cheers, Lucy