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27-Oct-05 - 09:04 AM
Thread Name: Tech: guitars
Subject: RE: Tech: guitars
I owned a Blues Master recently, so I can tell you about it and suggest one or two alternatives. The Blues Master is a strong, heavily-braced little guitar, very sturdy and very pretty. Sound-wise it's what you'd expect from such a heavily-braced small guitar -- responsive but not hugely sophisticated. I had the plastic components replaced with bone, and the sound opened up nicely. But the Blues Master is going for about $700 on eBay in the U.S. now, and I know that there are better blues finerpicking guitars to be had for that price. What you do get with the Blues Master is a distinctive look (in the black or sunburst models) and the widest neck I've ever had on a guitar, a hair or two over 1.75 inches. With the very flat fretboard, this is almost exclusively a fingerpicker. Not a huge number were made, maybe 750 in all, so the price reflects their scarcity and gradually growing cult status -- not necessarily their sound. I bought a $150 Yamaha FG-75 off eBay, and in some ways it's a better-sounding small guitar. If I were you I'd try the Washburn 305 series parlours, or look for a used Larivee parlour (from pre 2004, when they fancified them and raised the price to $1,000), or look to the Epiphone Masterbilt line (although it doesn't have anything as small as a Blues Master yet). These are all alternatives that may get you as much guitar or more for less money. For shits and grins, also strum a used Gibson L-00, though they're more expensive. The Epi EL-00 is supposed to have a very narrow neck, so beware.