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Posted By: _gargoyle
06-Jan-00 - 09:44 PM
Thread Name: Digital Tradition: How Does It Grow?
Subject: RE: BS: Digital Tradition: How Does It Grow?
Dear Tim Salt,

The Digital Tradition, is a play upon the words Oral Tradition

It is reference to how songs, lyrics/tunes, have been able to transgress the confines of "ill-literacy" and transcend generation after refers to the legacy of of fore-beres (sic)

I have no doubt that there is a tune within YOUR very soul that has been passed on from mother, father, grandma/pa....

THIS passing of "the oral tradition" is it becomes polluted, variated, enriched , along the way....dick and Susan their inspiration of GENIUS recognized that the "WEB" was a means of gathering together pieces of the "ORAL TRADITION" that might easily be lost....

Because of the "Web" the musical knowledge of the past can be "digitized" into a "data-base" that permits a much broader sharing of tunes/lyrics.

Please!!!! Stick around....A song will come to your mind....and then Post It.....the words that were were taught are quickly slipping into oblivion.