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Posted By: Cyparissa
02-Nov-05 - 06:28 AM
Thread Name: Review: Kate Rusby, Girl Who Couldn't Fly
Subject: RE: Review: Kate Rusby, Girl Who Couldn't Fly
Hm, I'm going to have to disagree with you guys. I think "The Lark" is one of my favorite tracks on the CD. Sure, the tune isn't particularly inspired, but (in my humble opinion) none of her tunes really are. It still doesn't keep me from enjoying the song, though. "Elfin Knight" was my other favorite song on the album, and that one actually was because of the tune- I thought it had the best melody and rhythm of all the songs on the CD. The rest of the songs I found rather blah, though I only have heard the CD through once. Maybe more will grow on me if I keep listening to them over and over. One thing I quite liked about the new album was the lack of instrumental tracks. I know you won't agree, Lea, but I'm just an old fashioned lyric lover. If a track doesn't have good lyrics, it's going to have a very hard time capturing my attention.

As for Kate Rusby herself, I think she's quite good. I'm going to her concert when she comes to Durham later this month, and I'm really looking forward to seeing her live. That said, I also have to agree that there are many better folk artists out there. Kate's songs are good and fun to listen to occassionally, but they just don't have the bite that a good song by Jean Ritchie has, for instance. I love weepy ballads as much (or, more likely, more) than the next girl, but I just think that there are others out there that do them better than Kate Rusby. Of course, that's just my opinion- Kate just isn't /quite/ my cup of tea.