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Posted By: Abby Sale
02-Nov-05 - 08:55 PM
Thread Name: Tech Hints PermaThread™
Subject: RE: Tech Hints PermaThread™
Hmmm. Cain't see how there aren't any but I don't see any here about tossed cookies. On this computer, for a couple of weeks now my cookie just won't stick. I'm using Netscape 7.1 and have set all the security thingies I can to be kind to cookies but no use.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Half the time I forget to login, I'm so use to it being automatic.

My usual computer has no problem, I use Nets 8. with Mutcat set to Firefox emulation. Can't do that here, though. Now don't say, Go there. It's in the shop.

Where do cookies actually reside? The cookie manager contains 4 Mudcat cookies (without careing) but I can't tell if they also sit somewhere physically.

I thank youse.