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Posted By: Dave (the ancient mariner)
07-Jan-00 - 02:50 PM
Thread Name: Digital Tradition: How Does It Grow?
Subject: RE: BS: Digital Tradition: How Does It Grow?
Thank you Joe, I shall try to follow the instructions when posting a song in future. Sorry for the extra work I put on your shoulders to clean my other postings up. Techno-Idiot describes me to a tee' Elle! I am trying but there is truth to the term "Old Dogs, and New Tricks" Every time I learn a program they change computers on me, or download new and improved software. then I get issued several manuals of instruction to read, which I am assured are easy to read and will teach me everything I need to know. Bigger Bytes and Better Bytes (next time someone says Byte me I shall just ask where and how hard?) By the way, the manuals are thicker than me; and written not to inform or teach, but to impress upon the reader how smart the writer is. Yours,(adjusting his wooden leg and dead parrot) Aye. Dave