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Posted By: Guy Wolff
03-Nov-05 - 01:33 PM
Thread Name: A Martin or a Gibson?
Subject: RE: BS: A Martin or a Gibson?
There are so many great jobs for different instuments to do . This is why many of us have more then one guitar . Staying with what I thought the reason for this thread was looking at WHY we buy a Gibson or a Martin is more interesting to me..
             If your in a field listening to a bluegrass band you understand why CF Martin invented what he called the Dreidnaught . A big guitar with a lot of range to hold a band together (or for Gene Autry on a mike on top of a horse in a feid ) . If your playing folksyer fingerpicking I find the dreadnaught gives to many layers of sound to work for the gendre so I use concert shaped guitars that cut through more . I love single O doubleOO and Treble OOO mahagany instruments. They work for me .(Rosewood was better for my old friend Lui Collins) So a smaller concert Martin works for folk finger picking and English stuff.
             THe L OO Gibson has a wonderful bright Charactoristic that dose very very well for slide work and sounds out well at sessions . Very bright and clear with a lot of sound . Its not just louder but adds a demention in a place a Martin can get lost . Less mid rang then the MArtin but more top .
               The concert size Taylor with a cutaway is a wonderful gigging guitar(different wood different jobs ) THere is a good reason why you see so many Taylors ON STAGE . Nothing sounds better going into a pa (without addition of a mike that is ) Its a very easy guitar to sound great on stage .. Hence the list above . I would say in all fairness that those same proffesionals listed in large numbers above playing Taylors very likly used meny different guitars in the studio to add different dementions to their songs and tunes .

                Great guitars fit different jobs .
                            All the bnest , Guy