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Posted By: harpmolly
03-Nov-05 - 11:18 PM
Thread Name: Review: Kate Rusby, Girl Who Couldn't Fly
Subject: RE: Review: Kate Rusby, Girl Who Couldn't Fly
I couldn't resist firing off an email to Pure Records to pass on the children's album idea on behalf of the 'Catters here :). Got a brief but warm email back from Steve Rusby saying he'd pass it on to Kate and that he agreed it was a good idea. Could be the start of something wonderful...

I have to admit I wrote the email halfway hoping for a response *grin*. I do love how "mom 'n' pop" their operation still is at heart. When "Little Lights" came out, I couldn't wait for it to be available stateside and ordered it directly from Kate's website. When it came, the printing on the CD itself wasn't color-fast and started bleeding on things, so I emailed them just to let them know (I didn't ask for a replacement, as the color could easily be removed with a cotton swab and I still wanted the CD! :)) Steve wrote back personally (and again, quite warmly) and said they'd had a bad batch, and INSISTED (despite my protests) on sending me another CD, no return required. Even though I know this is probably SOP and should be expected of any reputable business, I was still quite impressed and tickled. Warm fuzzies all around.

Questions of personal musical taste aside, I still maintain that Kate et al. are a true class act, and that's why I'll continue to place her at the top of my list of favorites.

Molly :)