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Thread Name: DTStudy: Songs of Jean Ritchie
Subject: DTStudy: Dear Companion (Version 1)

I once did have a dear companion
Indeed I thought his love my own
Until a dark eyed girl betrayed me
And then he cares no more for me

Just go and leave me if you wish to
It will never trouble me
For in your heart you love another
And in my grave I'd rather be

Last night you were sweetly sleeping
Dreaming in some sweet repose
While I, a poor girl, broken hearted
Listened to the wind that blows

When I see your babe a laughing
It makes me think of your sweet face
But when I see your babe a crying
It makes me think of my disgrace

recorded by Edna Ritchie on Folk Legacy and by the Carter Family and by Jean Ritchie
filename[ DEARCOMP

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Jean Ritchie Version

(adapted by Jean Ritchie)

I once did have a dear companion,
Indeed I thought his love my own,
Until some black-eyed girl betrayed me,
And now he cares no more for me.

Last night you were so sweetly sleeping
And dreaming in some soft repose,
While I, a poor girl, broken-hearter
Was listening to the wind that blows.

I never did think of being without you,
I never could think of you a-being gone,
But all night long that wind keeps crying,
Farewell, truelove, I'm left alone.

© 1963, Stormking
from Jean Ritchie's Folk Songs of the Southern Appalachians

An excerpt from Jean's notes;