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Posted By: Barbara Shaw
04-Nov-05 - 03:25 PM
Thread Name: What to pay the band members?
Subject: RE: What to pay the band members?
Wrote the note and got back a positive response from one --in fact he encouraged me to put out the CD and offered to help with expenses! The other former member is incommunicado, which is a common condition there. I think I'm going ahead with it.

I'm using several pieces of ideas I've heard above, including Susan-Marie's doling out half the copies of the cd to each band member and then using the rest to offer for sale, with proceeds to the production guy (me). I also liked Cap't Bob's idea of giving a portion of each cd sold at gigs to the current band when doing benefits. And for the future, Kaleea's idea of splitting earnings among the band members plus the manager, which will shut me up and make me feel less taken for granted. And Mick's "honorable" remark is what finally got me off the fence and moving.

Looking this over, I sound so mercenary, which is ironic considering the tiny sums I'm talking about. Doth I protest too much?