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Posted By: Bobert
06-Nov-05 - 09:20 AM
Thread Name: A Martin or a Gibson?
Subject: RE: BS: A Martin or a Gibson?

I was waitin' fir you to ask, Capt... Heck, I din't want to insult ya' 'er nuthin' 'er give you a rash 'er nuthin'... Plus, I had it in the BobertBlues tunin' (EBEBBE) with 6 month old strings on it fir that extra earthy tone... If I had let you play it in that tunin' with them strings youi mighta gottan a danged rash, fir sure...

But you heared it the mini-concert so you can't say it belongs on the wood pile, that's fir sure...

Next year, I'll sho nuff let you play it and get a piccure of you playin' it to hang on the wall over the pudder...

Sho nuff will..