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06-Nov-05 - 10:05 AM
Thread Name: Who Wrote Molly Malone?
Subject: RE: Help: Who wrote Molly Malone?
There was an early version mentioned in Samuel Pepys diary in 1665. He mentioned it had been collected at least 2 centuries earlier in what Nostradamus predicted would be called "French West Africa" by the well known (at the time) folklorist called Hyman of Maidenhead. (His work had at first been denegrated and he died a broken man ;-) But later, after he died, he was venerated.---Ain't that always the way it goes down???

Is this the original version of the song? Who can say? Might be. Might not be.

We had best keep looking!!

BUT some (mainly Bob Sukiel and Ed Cray) said it was a bawdy song originally. How better to explain the really not-so-strange "cockles" in the song. "Muscles", I've come to BELIEVE, referred to the original rape in the Book of Thomas that's left out of the Bible usually.---That was the actual original sin. It makes the Garden Of Eden tall tale infinitely boring.

AND this song truly EVOLVED !!! There was no intelligent design about it !!!!!!!!!! And you can quote me.