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Posted By: 12string growler
06-Nov-05 - 01:10 PM
Thread Name: Twelve String Tuning
Subject: RE: Twelve String Tuning
Used to have an EKO Ranger 12 in standard tuning, it started to lift the bridge off the body after about 8 years. I've had a Yam FG412b since 1978, always been in standard tuning, mainly with MEDIUM gauge on it, no problem with bridge or body, but I can get through strings at an alarming rate. BUt as my handle suggest's, I am rather heavy handed with the J Dunlop 60 gauge pick. Just in case you missed it SkipJack, there was e thread about EKo axes a couple of month's back. On entry I rather liked was the idea that they are a good protest march guitar, cos they still play in tune after laying somebody out with one. The original Aldermaston fighting guitar then!!!