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08-Jan-00 - 07:12 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Eighth of January
I found this information on it:


One version recalled By:
Mrs. Mary Sullivan
Shafter, 1940

On the eighth of January
Just at the break of day
The wind blew from the North Course
And we were bound for sea.
The wind blew from the North Course
To Isdom (?) we were bound,
The hills and vales were garnished
With pretty girls all around.

Up stepped a young man
All in the bloom of years,
Stepped up to his best beloved
With his eyes all filled with tears.
Stepped up to his best beloved,
Gave her to understand,
I'm going away to leave you
And sail to the foreign land.

O my dearest Willie
How can you treat me so
To go away and leave me
In sorrow, grief and woe.
To go away and leave me
In sorrow grief and woe.
You know I've been in love with you
For sixteen months or more.

Then if I should go away
Some other would take my place
And that would be a scandal
Besides a great disgrace.
My king now calls for volunteers
And I for one must go.
It's not for my own life long love
That I do leave you so.

My yellow locks it's I will trim,
Men's clothing I'll put on,
Just like a humble servant
It's you I'll wait upon.
Just like a humble servant
Upon you I'll wait.
I dread and fear no danger,
Let the storm be ever so great.

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Then if I see some other girl
More handsomer than you
That I might take a fancy to
What would my Mollie do?
What could I say, dear Willie -
Why I would love her too.
I'd step to one side lonely
While she might talk to you.

O my dearest Mollie
Those words have won my heart.
Right here we'll get married
And never more to part.
They joined right hands together,
Went sailing o'er the main -
God grant them peace and pleasure
Till they return again.