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Posted By: GUEST,BazT
07-Nov-05 - 07:49 AM
Thread Name: Nick Drake - info
Subject: RE: Nick Drake
What I love about Nick's tone on the Pink Moon album is that his guitar sounds like it's made of wood....know what I mean? I personally don't like overly-bright spangly aocustic tones, and Nick has a really nice organic sound. The best way I can imitate it myself is by using a farily heavy set of strings (phosphor bronze 13's), and playing in the low tunings Nick used. For example, "Man in a shed" is played by tuning BEBEBE, (so is Harvest Breed if I remember rightly), and I think quite a few other of his songs tune the low E down to a B. "Three hours" is one that springs to mind.

He's just a lovley tasteful musician, and certainly a real inspiration to my own playing.