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Posted By: The Villan
09-Nov-05 - 07:58 AM
Thread Name: Them Cara Lads
Subject: RE: Them Cara Lads
Wish I could mate, but circumstances don't allow it. House chores urrrgh did some body swear :-)

spent all morning dealing with beaurocrats - does yer ed in :-) Its nice to be able to be on Broadband and on the Internet whilst you hang on for ages just to speak to these people.
I thought that when I stopped working that beaurocrats would disapear up there bum holes :-) Unfortunately they do not and keep on reappearing like the devil.

Oh blimey I have just released a secret. I am multi tasking. Will I get in to trouble for multi tasking and being a bloke LOL :-)

Anyway nowt wrong with helping that lovely Cara mob wherever possible. I heard that MR was brilliant with his pipes, but not so good with his clickies LOL :-)