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Posted By: Amos
09-Nov-05 - 03:26 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
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"On the Internet, no-one knows you're a dog...".

I think we have uncovered you at last!! Either you are a juvenile posing as an adult (which would explain many things!) or the Song Challenge crowd ran into one of your cousins or nephews back in 2001:

The Case of the Cheerio Highwayman -- TACOMA, Washington (AP) -- Seven-yeaar-old Perley King got into big trouble for driving off in his sister's car in search of his favorite cereal. But he's getting his Cheerios. Early on April 1, while other family members slept, Perley and his dog, Bear, climbed into the car. Relying on skills learned at a computer game, the boy drove three miles in search of a food store. In his drive to fame, Perley navigated some of the city's busiest streets by alternately stepping on the gas pedal, then climbing on the seat to steer, chugging along toward the food store. The spin landed Perley in hot water, but also earned him television appearances and buckets of newspaper ink. His single-minded devotion to his favorite breakfast cereal will also have material rewards. Representatives from Minnesota-based General Mills planned to visit Perley, his parents, Dwayne and Jeanne King, and six brothers and sisters at their Tacoma home this week. It means Perley can look forward to a year's supply of Cheerios and other surprises. He also may receive a new bicycle. "So he'll never have to drive to the store again," said General Mills spokeswoman Liv Lane.

The Highwaytot

The sun was a glow on the treeline, the wind blew gentle and low,
The windows of town were still darkened, looking out on the streets below.
Down the road like a spectre at dawning, propped up on his tippy-toes,
Young Perley King came driving,
Driving, driving!
Young Perley King came driving, looking for Cheerios.

He wore blue Mickey Mouse pajamas, with buttons up to his chin
And a pair of Pluto slippers, made out of bunny-skin;
And his face carried never a wrinkle; he drove without care in the cold!
And he drove that '60 Chevy,
His father's rebuilt Chevy!
Yes he drove his father's Chevy,
Though less than eight years old,

Over the sidewalk he rambled, then steer'd through a neighbor's yard,
Then he'd jump off the seat to the pedals, and rev the engine hard,
He sang "Sesame Street" in the morning, and who should be listn'ing there?
But Perley's brave companion,
Lifelong and true companion,
His brave, lifelong companion,
A halfbreed mutt called Bear.

And dark in musky dawning, a gleam in the dusky night
He saw a shopping center, with Albertson's on the right;
Though the doors were barred and the lights turned low,
His heart forebore to wait,
He must open up the market,
The dim-lit shut down market!
So he opened up the market,
With his father's flathead-eight.

Then the glass it flew like a hurricane,
The canned goods flew from their rows,
But he never stopped or stumbled,
Looking for Cheerios.
With his life-long friend behind him,
His back-flap blowing free,
He climbed down out of that Chevy,
The bruised and broken Chevy,
Clambered down from the ancient Chevy,
And headed for Aisle Three!

When the manager got there that morning,
With the blue flashing lights at his back,
The officers guarding the squadcar,
And the shop window laid to wrack,
Down the corridors softly they sought him,
Their guns at the ready and warm!
'Til they found young Perley sleeping,
Curled up, and softly sleeping,
They found young Perley sleeping
With Bear underneath his arm.

There were open boxes around them,
There were spilled Cheerios by the score
And between old Bear and the highway tot,
They had eaten three pounds or more!
So he lay there asleep on the market floor,
And they shook him and called him in vain!
For he'd overdosed on sugar
Sweet, nice sugar!
He'd flooded his blood with sugar,
'Til the insulin fried his brain!

But sometimes, they say, in the dawn time,
When the moonlight still kisses the rose,
Like the shade of a thought you can see him,
As down the road he goes!
With his honest companion beside him,
Propped up on his tippy-toes,
You can see young Perley driving,
His spirit comes a-driving!!
You can see young Perley driving
And looking for Cheerios.

Regards, young sprat -- you clearly have the Right Stuffe!