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Thread Name: ADD: Killers of Eden - Killer Whale Song (Otway)
Subject: Killers of Eden - Killer Whale Song
Killers of Eden
Words Lorcan Otway Tune Traditional ( The Factory Girl)
all rights reserved Otway 2005

As I was a sailin', bound out from sweet Eden
A killer leapt high and white water was flung
I watched and I sighed as I thought of the hunters
And men who once broke the law of the tongue

In Twofold bay the Davidson whalers,
And their mates, the Yuin took humpbacks in the fall
Killer whales hunted with them and then were rewarded
With the baleen whale's tongue, then it's homeward we'd haul

Now landsmen and sailors who are strangers to Eden
Would never believe us when we'd tell them the tales
How we hunted as partners with the Killers of Eden
Australian whale hunters with those faithful killer whales

In the dark of the night there would come a commotion
As Old Tom would call us, with a flop of his tail
A calling whale hunters to launch and to follow
To where the Killers of Eden had captured a whale

How many's the time was a whaler man rescued
When the hand of God dealt his boat a death blow
Old Tom kept the sharks off, while Hooky did sound and
snatched a drowning whale fisher from cold fate down below

Whatever where you thinking, Harry Silks, you murderer
For the killing of Jackson, a beached killer whale
You've broken the trust and you broken our hearts
And you betrayed our partners who we never did fail

And then it was finished, the covenant was broken
When Logan broke trust with Old Tom, one foul day
Broke the law of the tongue, in the face of bad weather
And the Killers of Eden did quit Twofold bay

Farewell to you mates, you great Killers of Eden
You never proved false and we'll ere sing your tale
And though there's no way we can ever repay ye
We will drink to the honor of the brave Killer Whale