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Posted By: InOBU
09-Nov-05 - 10:55 PM
Thread Name: ADD: Killers of Eden - Killer Whale Song (Otway)
Subject: RE: Killers of Eden - Killer Whale Song
Ah Bob! I hope you get a chance to see the documentry they just ran on PBS... they interviewed the last, I think four people alive who saw it all. Two died since it was made. They had an overly cautious zooologist Danielle Clode, who whould not conceed that the wear on his tooth was made by the repeted contact with harpoon lines, her bit on the documentery was noted to be over cautious in latter reviews... but they had a forensic scientist look at an missing tooth, in the front, forward of the worn canine, and it was exactly in keeping with the account of J.R. Logan's daughter, Margarette Brooks, who was on the White Heather on the night the last of the whales was taken with help from the Killers of Eden.
Been googling a bit, after seeing the documentry, a rather sleepness night, feeling I had to come up with a song. In fact the Davisons, were so cautious they did not mention that Old Tom, whould in fact, tow their whale boats to where the others were harassing the baleen whale. Experts now tell them that this is behavior that Killer Whales do in captivity, and not a wild tale, towing behavior is not greatly odd for an intelligent animal in the case of this symbiotic behavior...
Well, hope ya like the song, and my best to all down under, what ever it is you are all under... a keg I hope, a nice friend is good also, if you both are having a chuckle
All the best
and throw a shrimp on the barbie for me
and eat it for me as well or it will be well manky by the time I get there to eat it.