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Posted By: Oaklet
11-Nov-05 - 12:56 PM
Thread Name: Them Cara Lads
Subject: RE: Them Cara Lads
There you are then. BusyBee can't go, South Ferriby got outed as a passable place to live (with two farms and a defunct brick-making industry), I got "questionable sexual orientation" from a bloke who really should be on the stage, we found out that the Villan doesn't like something-or-other. Then Ossonflags reminded me of something really nice, me mate Chris Nightshirt popped-in to sat nice things; I remembered that I liked the Wild Wolds Women thanks to Rockhen and then we all got a bit pre-occupied with Whelks. When Art Brooks wrote what he wrote, I melted a bit (lovely man that Art Brooks) and flushed Sireen out of Stouport on Severn to say hello and I realised that Sireen is my favourite Stourport-on-Severnite. Then we found out that Banjo Flower had been missing but wasn't quite sure, that I am really quite self-obsessed and that my regard for Chris Nightshirt wasn't misplaced. Then it got a bit confused with music and that Cara's records frighten the Chinese in Shanghai, that Fibulamatic should not....well fibs can do anything as far as I am concerned - she is perfect... and that I sometimes wear longjohns. Then to cap it all, we find a plea from a village person, desparate to be liked by a lovely woman and quite rightly rejected under the control of people likely to cause unease act of 1933 (as amended). All-in all - a little journey of discovery.

Tommorrow in the Nelthorpe Arms in South Ferriby. Talk and you are outside....