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Posted By: Bob Bolton
12-Nov-05 - 07:03 AM
Thread Name: 'Right' and 'Wrong' Keys
Subject: RE: 'Right' and 'Wrong' Keys
G'day Leadfingers,

Sometimes those can be, paradoxically, lazy "melodeon" players!

During the '80s and '90s I played in bands where I played an A/D/G button accordion for almost all dance brackets ... but different groups I organise these days have different "home" keys, so I have been playing, at various times and places, with A/D/G, G/C/F ... and, lattery, a custom-made (for someone else) D/G/C button accordion - as well as G/C and D/G 2-rowers.

However, I really have more fun playing 2-row boxes ... so I have, this last week, gone through several of the common dance sets (for which I can't just nominate new keys, since many of the groups I organise are meant to fit in with others) ... and, indeed, carefully plotted out the devious means to play several "A" and "C" tunes on (respectively) the "D" and "G" rows of my D/G Hohner Erica. This means I can go to gigs with just one or two small squeezeboxes, instead of lugging along one (or more) 3-rowers.

I've been telling button accordion players, for some years now, that they should be able to handle folk tunes in the keys on either side of the nominal keys of their instruments ... so now I need to put my fingers where my mouth has been ... but I prefer to think that I'm just being successfully lazy ... and playing everything on my favourite little (A)/D/G/(C) Erica!