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12-Nov-05 - 08:29 AM
Thread Name: ADD: Killers of Eden - Killer Whale Song (Otway)
Subject: RE: Killers of Eden - Killer Whale Song
Nice work Lorcan.
For anyone confused about the teeth, the missing teeth and abcess are on the right hand side of Tom's upper jaw and the "rope groove" is on the left side of Tom's lower jaw. They are virtually unrelated except the groove is the result of longterm wear and the missing teeth were most likely the result of the tussle with Logan's yacht .
The museum knew nothing of Margaret's story and the significance of the abcess untill we finished the doco so they have only known about it for a year.

There are only a few references to the killers towing boats out to a chase and it seems it was only an occasional ocurrence during the days in the 19th century when the Davidsons had competition from other whaling companies. However the oldies such as whale crew member Eric Turnbull recounted to me in 1988 how Tom would intercept the rope between the boat and the harpooned whale and drag the boat about in madcap fashion as the men tried desperately not to capsize. He was sometimes as much a nuisance as a help but he was adored so greatly they wouldn't dare discourage him except for the ocasional prod with an oar.
I might mention we Aussies say autumn rather than fall. You might like to integrate the imagery of the fact that the yuin whalers would wait till the wattles bloomed (a beautiful yellow native wildflower) as a sign that the whale season was beginning.