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Posted By: Azizi
14-Nov-05 - 07:05 PM
Thread Name: PC-Where is thy sting?-'Pick a Bale of Cotton' Ban
Subject: RE: PC-Where is thy sting?-'Pick a Bale of Cotton' Ban
Liz the Squeak,

In my not at all humble opinion, anyone should be free to name their child any name from any language in the world regardless of their
[or their child's] race or ethnicity.

For example, I was given a Hebrew birth name, and I am African American. It's possible that I have Jewish ancestry. After all African Americans are a mixed race people. However, my parents chose my name because they liked the sound of it.

When I was 20 years old, I adopted the KiSwahili name I use now because I like the sound of it and I like what it means.

Alot of people who aren't Jewish have Hebrew names
[you for instance?].


With regard to the song "Pick A Bale Of Cotton"-I personally dislike this song for the stereotypical history it alludes to.

But then again, I dislike just about all of American minstrelfied folk songs. They make me cringe because they are more than lyrics and notes to me.

I certainly feel that that school district showed a remarkable lack of foresight in selecting "Pick A Bale Of Cotton" as representative of African American folk culture.

I could call them names, but I won't.