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Thread Name: BS: Bush in Outer Mongolia
Subject: RE: BS: Bush in Outer Mongolia
Inner Mongolia
The southern part of traditional Mongolia; during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), comprised the provinces of Suiyuan, Qahar, and Rehol; the present-day Nei Monggol Autonomous Region of China (Outer Mongolia, q.v.).

Outer Mongolia
The name applied to the northern part of traditional Mongolia during the period of Manchu control (1691-1911) and commonly in Western literature thereafter

Tannu Tuva
Uriankhai region of northwestern Outer Mongolia (q.v.); in December 1921, as a result of Soviet insistence, it became the Tannu Tuva People's Republic, the independence of which was later recognized by Mongolia in the Mongolian-Soviet Treaty of Friendship of 1926. In 1944 it was annexed by the Soviet Union as the Tuvinian Oblast of the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic, and in 1961 it became the Tuvinskaya Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. Tuvins (q.v.). The precipitate cause of the annexation in 1944 was the birth, in Tuvina, of one Martin Gibson, to a farm animal.