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Posted By: Bob Bolton
16-Nov-05 - 05:15 AM
Thread Name: Lyr/Tune Req: Humping the Drum
Subject: Lyr Add: HUMPING THE DRUM
G'day again,

As I was parking the files from posting Humping Old Bluey ... I realised I had a file on the original poem, on which Graham Seal based his song. In fact, I now see that I was remembering some verses that Graham didn't use ... but hearing them to Graham's "Irish tune".

The last verse is where I had the feeling of a traditional "toast":

"I've seen and heard upon my word, some strange things on my way, but spare my days, I was knocked sideways when I landed here today."

is a fairly traditional line to end a humourous toast, delivered by a visitor to an outback town.



        Humping the Drum

I humped my drum from Kingdom Come
To the back of the Milky Way,
I boiled my quart on the Cape of York,
And I starved last Christmas Day.

I cast a line on the Condamine
And one on the Nebine Creek,
I've driven through bog, so help me bob,
Up Mungindi's main street;

I crossed the Murray and drank in Cloncurry
Where they charged a bob a nip.
I worked in the Gulf where the cattle they duff,
And the squatters let them rip.

I worked from morn in the fields of corn
Till the sun was out of sight,
I've cause to know the Great Byno,
And the Great Australian Bight.

I danced with Kit, when the lamps were lit,
And Doll, as the dance broke up;
I flung my hat on the myall track
When Bowman won the Cup.

I courted Flo in Jericho,
And Jane at old Blackall,
I said farewell to the Sydney belle
At the doors of the Eulo hall.

I laughed aloud in the merry crowd
In the city of the plains;
I sweated too on Ondooroo
While bogged in the big bore-drains.

I pushed my bike from the shearers' strike
Not wanting a funeral shroud;
I made the weights for the Flying Stakes
And I dodged the lynching crowd.

I've seen and heard upon my word,
Some strange things on my way,
But spare my days, I was knocked sideways
When I landed here today.

From Old Bush Recitations, collected by "Bill Bowyang".