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Posted By: Nigel Paterson
17-Nov-05 - 04:22 AM
Thread Name: The Halliard - any memories of this group?
Subject: RE: The Halliard - any memories of this group?
Jeanie, very good to hear from a member of the "60s Elite Group"!! The Castle Folk Club was originally going to be run by myself, but it became obvious rather quickly that "club organiser" was a badge I couldn't wear with any degree of certainty! That & the breakup of the group in '68, gave Nic an opportunity he was not about to refuse.
       I haven't heard the Paul Simon/Blackmore Club story, but knowing Essex as well as I do, it sounds perfectly possible!
       The Essex Record Office info is very interesting...are they still based in Chelmsford? Think I should pay them a visit.
       No, I haven't been back to Brentwood School & yes, I DID have to wear a boater! I've driven past many times & seen the physical changes, but never ventured through the gate...too many painful memories. Perhaps I should go back & show them I've survived, despite their best efforts!
                  Very Best,
                            Nigel Paterson.