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Posted By: Little Hawk
17-Nov-05 - 06:33 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Forever Young (Bob Dylan)
Subject: RE: Forever Young (Bob Dylan)
Awright, BPL...we both get to win. I like it. ;-) My ego thanks yours! (big grin)

Number 6 - I think you're absolutely right. The theme of "My Back Pages" struck me as being very closely connected to that situation too that night. Bob became very uncomfortable by around '64-65 with how other people were using him as grist for their political purposes or hangups. It only got worse after that...A.J.Weberman being the ultimate pest in that sense. I don't think the audience was listening very carefully. They were just reacting to his words on the fly. That's what audiences usually do, which is why it can be tricky to say what you're really thinking to them...unless what you really think is the same way they think, of course.

If he'd just asked the Tom Paine steering committee ahead of time, "What would they like to hear me say?" and then parroted it, they would have loved it. And it would have been meaningless...

Kind of like when politicians give a prepared speech to a carefully selected audience. ;-)