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Posted By: GUEST,Guest
22-Nov-05 - 08:01 AM
Thread Name: BS: British TV: Utter Tripe!
Subject: RE: BS: British TV: Utter Tripe!
A couple of years ago when the TV licence reminder came through the letter box we realised that we hadn't switched it on for the last 5 weeks. So the TV went.
We haven't noticed anything likely to persuade us to start watching since.
It was the constant dumbing down, documentaries taking 90 minutes to impart 90 seconds worth of info. That and wall to wall DIY and gardening. We were too busy DOING the DIY and gardening!

I must admit that a higher resolution screen would help, as would a higher refresh rate as my wife gets migraine from the flickering of flourescent tubes and TV is just on the edge of a problem.

Haven't missed it yet and the family won't be coming to us for Christmas because there's no TV!