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Posted By: GUEST,best heckle> best response
22-Nov-05 - 08:12 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: best Audienc Heckle, best performer res-
Subject: Folklore: best Audienc Heckle, best performer res-
well, i'd like to hear peoples quotes of heckles, there are some very quick witted funny people who yell stuff at you whilst you play, don't you ever yell back?

You at a small pub in a country town in Aussie pub Nimbin or busking on the Streets of Byron Bay (see****) anyhows, It's famous heckles, the crowd loves you or hates you, either way, they love music.

Play something we know....shut up, listen and you'll hear it, as the band launches in to a 11/8 prog rock tune.

Punter 1: jumps on the mic, hustles the bass player: you guys are fu**ed! i am going to run you out of town!
Punter two 2: I love you guys, can i buy you a drink of top shelf?
drummer:what the? bass player: Vodka please?

Random horn players who play inbetween songs, frustrating.

good horn plays who rock up just becuase you are in town? nice.

The travellers the adventures: Giving lift to a very drunk and creative aboriginal man who lit a fire by the road to attract a car :-) way cool! his 16 17? daughter was bout to have her 2nd child? and lots other scary things, poor man had lost his wallet.

the strange poeple you meet, everywhere come from all over the world and australia. At the end of the gig they hang out in the st.

****the crowd is famous for great one liners and the town for stange things happing.
like> a couch being thrown from a balcony on the road, a brawl of 40+ people, other very bizzare things..
Friday night 'The Driftwoods' out the front of the great northern Byron Bay Australia, original, Influenced, northcoast Aus music.
Busking is a funny thing.