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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
22-Nov-05 - 11:07 AM
Thread Name: BS: British TV: Utter Tripe!
Subject: RE: BS: British TV: Utter Tripe!
I'm sure you are not stupid at all Don:-) I hope I didn't come across as suggesting so? My only point really was that it sounded rather like you were suggesting that once the analogue signal goes 'poor people' will not be able to watch TV becasue they cannot afford it! That is obviously untrue as the cost of a freeview box, as I said, is now very low.

Out of interest the basic NTL package does not give much more than freeview anyway! I only spotted Sky 1 that is sometimes worth watching - They charge £5.50 a month for that though and it does not have at least one of the channels (ABC) that freeview does have:-(

I have an almost full NTL package anyway so it does not affect me too much and to be honest if I watch 10 hours of TV a week it is a lot, so I dunno why I am even talking about it! Just contrary I guess;-)

What about the new series of updated Shakespeare plays or the new production of Bleak House or even Dr Who! Surely they score some points. Mind you, they are more than removed again by I am not really a celebrity, get me out of here...