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Posted By: Tyke
23-Nov-05 - 07:32 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: best Audienc Heckle, best performer res-
Subject: RE: Folklore: best Audienc Heckle, best performer res-
If I am the heckler it's always intended to enhance the evening or to get my own back! Honest! About 10 years ago I was about to sing a song on one of the special nights that the Baca Pipes Folk Club has had in celebration Jenny Scot's long reign as long suffering and dedicated club organizer. At her 30th year I started by trying to give a short introduction to my song. When Jenny herself, who was MC and trying to give everyone a song, the Club was packed out with singers, who had come along to wish her well heckled me thinking I was going to tell a Joke! Before I had said one word. Jenny said, "No Jokes just sing," I replied, "It's no Joke watching your whole life pass before my eyes I can tell you!"

At another I engaged a member of the audience in my act (Act!) he was rudely walking between me and the rest of the audience carrying a fresh pint to his seat. It was pint of IPA and looked more like Larger so I said, "I did not think you would be a larger drinker". "No no" he replied it's a new bitter that the Landlords got in he said proudly "!
"Is it that recycled stuff?" I said.

Heckling in my honest opinion when appropriate add quite a lot to an evening. But timing is everything. After all it might be just a night out for you but the guest is trying to earn a crust. Leave your mobile phone on and risk a table visit during my song if it goes off and you start talking on it! Point your mobile at me so that the person at the other end can listen and I'll use it as a microphone.