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Posted By: The Shambles
24-Nov-05 - 05:22 AM
Thread Name: More Noteworthy Mudcat Quotations
Subject: RE: More Noteworthy Mudcat Quotations
Subject: RE: BS: Racial No-nos
From: Biskit - PM
Date: 22 Nov 05 - 04:48 PM

By seperating into groups wheter they be academic, religious, ethnic,or whatever, you are retarding the effort to be accepted as a person, as a fellow human being, by saying I'm Black, or I'm White, or I'm rich, or I'm Poor you are limiting yourself and the people around you from being part of the whole of the human experience. How can we ever overcome prejudice, hatred, and genocide, when we see ourselves as belonging to this group or that, rather than just accepting your brother or sister for who they are. Not who their parents, Grandparents, or Great-Great Grandparents were or what they did and to whom, or what color their skin was or wasn't. But who that individual is and what they are doing to help the world become a better place. I believe with all me heart until we are able to accomplish that, we'll never progress as a spiecies. This is my humble opinion, I know their are a lot of folks on this forum much more educated and "enlightened" than I, but it has always seemed pretty simple to me. C'mon people now,smile on your Brother, everybody get together, an' try to Love one-another right now.
Peace! Through Understanding