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Posted By: GUEST,robert
25-Nov-05 - 12:07 PM
Thread Name: shakespeare
Subject: RE: shakespeare
I am definitly with the make kids work to understand Shakespeare camp. I had a rather good Shakespeare experiance in highschool, and did not find it too difficult to understand (even the comedies), though I do have to read them, and can't just watch them and pick up on everything. However I was observing a highschool english class once for teaching class I was taking in college, and saw something that made me sick. The class was "studying" MacBeth, by listening to a tape of people "reading" the text without any real emotion. Then I think they were told to read a coulpe of scenes themselves, and the watched some of a televised version of it. I saw one or two kids fall asleep, and several more complain of how boring it was. The scariest thing was that I sympathized with them. I was angry and saddend after leaving that class. But the bard will live on. With or without the schools help.