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Thread Name: happy? – Nov 26 (Maui discovered)
Subject: RE: happy? – Nov 26 (Maui discovered)
Maui, and the rest of the Hawaiian chain, was discovered by Polynesians, led by Nanaula, moving up from the southern Society Islands and Samoa, in the Sixth Century.

Nanaula, a distinguished chief, was the first to arrive. "He brought with him his Gods, priests, prophets and astrologers, and a considerable body of followers and retainers. He was also provided with dogs, swine and fowls, and the seeds and germs of useful plants for propagation. It is probable that he found the group without human habitation."
His Hawaiian Majesty KIng David Kalakaua, 1888, "The Legends and Myths of Hawai'i," (A well-written book, incorporating history as well as legends and chants; reprints by Tuttle Company).

The reigning monarch on Hawai'i, the 'Big Island' when Captain Cook came was Kalaniopuu, 1754-1782. The islands were not unified; the next monarch, Kamehameha I, accomplished this task.
This was the second visit of Cook to Hawai'i; he was an officer with the ships "Resolution" and "Discovery." On January 18, 1778 when they sighted Oahu and Kauai, and made landings on Kauai and Ni'ihau. In November, 1778, Cook returned. The ships had been charting the west coast of North America, as far north as the Behring Straits and were stopped by ice.
In other words, the forebiter quoted by Abby in his "Happy" probably reflected the feelings of the crew aboard Cook's ship as well as those of the whalermen who made the voyage in later years.

Juan Gaetano was the first European to arrive at the Hawaiian Islands, commanding a Spanish ship en route from the Mexican coast to the Spice Islands, in 1555. This claim is based on a manuscript chart in the Spanish archives, but the Spaniards did not publicize the information.