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26-Nov-05 - 08:09 PM
Thread Name: happy? – Nov 26 (Maui discovered)
Subject: RE: happy? – Nov 26 (Maui discovered)
Kalakaua was well-educated, certainly not a 'primitive native'; the last ruler of whom this might be said was Kamehameha I, although he made good use of advisors, mostly English, and many social changes took place under his long rule. The breakdown of the old feudal system left many young men without occupation, and they became sailors, whalers and harpooners, ranch hands in California, carpenters and loggers in British Columbia (built Fort Langley and Hudsons Bay Company farms) and voyageurs with the Hudsons Bay Company.

Kalakaua's education included music, although he only composed a couple of songs that are still played. He formed the Royal Hawaiian Band and encouraged musical education. He formed a rowing club modeled on those of English schools and encouraged sports. A lifelong interest was history and mythology; if he had not been ruler, he probably would have contributed more to literature and music. It was a difficult diplomatic job to keep Hawai'i free of English or American takeover; one move resulted in members of the family joining the Church of England. Of course the effort failed, but not until aftr his death, when a group of American merchants took over and deposed the Queen.