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Posted By: GUEST,Bob Coltman
27-Nov-05 - 09:36 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Alice, where are you going? Upstairs to..
Subject: RE: Alice where are you going? Upstairs to take a

I agree. I think the Grayson and Whitter has no connection. (Sorry, this is thread creep, but BTW the hints of Child in "The Greenland" (Loving Henry?) are pretty distant --- "To the lonesome hills and valleys I will wander for his sake" recalls "My Sailor Boy" --- But I think the Grayson and Whitter song as a whole is a late, fragmented version of "John Riley" / "Fair Maid In The Garden." Grayson being blind was more reliant on memory than most people who'd have a written paper "ballet" to check back against, and would have been more likely to conflate bits of similar songs. End of thread creep.)

"Alice Where Art Thou" does seem to have been echoed in the street rhyme "Alice Where Are You Going?" -- maybe no more than just a reference to the (very well known in the 19th century) title.

I'd still like to know if "Alice where are you going / upstairs to take a bath" was ever sung??? (And if so, what tune?) Or only chanted/recited?